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Michael R. Gagnon, MBA

Chief Administrative Officer - Emeritus, Duke University Orthopaedics; Founder & CEO, AOC

Rich Capra

Chief Administrative Officer, UCSF Orthopaedics; President, AOC

John Bonini

Director, Clinical Operations, Duke Orthopaedics; Senior Vice President, AOC

Ron Faulbaum

Chief Administrative Officer - Emeritus, Washington University; Vice President, AOC

Bobette Patterson RN, BSN, MHA

Chief Adminstrative Officer, University of Iowa; Vice President, AOC

Ryan Vanderwerff, MBA

Executive Director, Muscoloskeletal Clinical Program Operations, Intermountain Healthcare; Vice President, AOC

Lorraine Hutzler, MPH

Associate Director of the Center for Quality & Patient Saftey, NYU Langone Orthopaedic Hospital; Director, Pilot Site Projects, AOC

Claire Howell, MMCi

Clinical Data Strategy Manager, Duke Cancer Institute; Director of Analytics, AOC

Eugene F. Dauchert, JD

Legal Counsel

Angie Scala

Webmaster & Graphic Designer

Cara O’Malley


Courtney Bonini

Administrative Intern, AOC

Susan R. Miller, CPA

Accounting, AOC
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