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15 years. No membership Fees. 145+ Academic Orthopaedic Programs. We are the Academic Orthopaedic Consortium.

97% Voted the AOC #1 Most Valuable Organization

, The Academic Orthopaedic Consortium

Mission of AOC:

To respect and improve the national academic landscape by freely providing best practice in business and leadership content to all academic faculty leaders and administrators to optimize their performance and that of the musculoskeletal enterprises they manage.

Academic Orthopaedic Consortium

Member Benefits

See why our members say that AOC is the #1 most valuable organization for their professional development! Get all of these benefits (and more!) with your FREE membership!

, The Academic Orthopaedic Consortium

Business & Leadership Symposium for Surgeons

The Top Rated Business Symposium for Chairs, Vice Chairs, Chiefs, and future faculty leaders…high level of engagement!

, The Academic Orthopaedic Consortium

Annual Meeting for Administrators

154 Administrators representing 75 Universities recently attended to learn how to optimize their enterprises with Best Practices.

, The Academic Orthopaedic Consortium

Best Practice Presentations & National Surveys

Open access presentations, compensation reports, and analysis from the top leaders in the academic space.

, The Academic Orthopaedic Consortium

Peer Mentorship & Networking

On-demand Peer Mentorship programs across 15 core competencies. AOC Women’s Executive Leadership Forum. 1,000+ member network, “Business of Orthopaedics” content for residents and fellows used by Depts and endorsed by ARCOS .

, The Academic Orthopaedic Consortium

Exclusive Webinars & User Groups

Learn from the Best. Think like the Best. Become the BEST. Monthly webinars. AOC Women’s Executive Leadership Forum. AOC Epic User Group. Resident & Fellow Business/Career Forum.

, The Academic Orthopaedic Consortium

Leadership Optimization

360 Assessment tools customized for Orthopaedic Chairs, Chiefs, CAOs and personalized Leadership Coaching for your team.

160 University-Based Orthopaedic Programs

3,200 members representing 160 universities. and 40 Health Systems and Private Practices…and growing!

, The Academic Orthopaedic Consortium

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2021 Annual AOC
Business & Leadership Symposium

for Orthopaedic Clinical and Administrative Teams

Nov 4-Nov 6, 2021

AOC Reports

How does your compensation compare to academic benchmarks? Also access leadership commentary across a range of hot topics.



Don’t recreate the wheel…elevate your performance instead! Take a look at these incredible presentations that were shared at our award winning national meetings.

What Our Members Are Saying

“The AOC under the leadership of its Founder, Mike Gagnon, provides an invaluable forum for the exchange of ideas and information that will benefit each and every person who attends (and the departments they represent). It should be mandatory for leaders of academic departments of orthopedic surgery.”

Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD
Walter A.L. Thompson Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Chair,
Department of Orthopedic Surgery
NYU School of Medicine
NYU Langone Health
NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital

“This should be part of a mandatory curriculum for every person in the top 5 leadership positions in every Academic Orthopedic Department or PM&R Academic Department in the nation. The vision of the most accomplished and visionary leaders in Academic Orthopedic practices was remarkable. It is really a privilege to learn from the best of the best. Outstanding meeting!”

Academic Orthopaedic Chair

, The Academic Orthopaedic Consortium

“Michael, I enjoyed participating in your exceptional meeting-truly unique in the quality of presentations and discussion. You do a remarkable job contributing selflessly to the field of Orthopedics.”

Richard Gelberman
MD Fred C. Reynolds Professor & Former Chair
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Washington University

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